Using Technology to Maximize Efficiency

The projection of glass micorespheres and non-slip under pressure allows the product to resist abrasion for longer, thanks to the pressure is introduced in the paint compactly and not superficially. It also reduces working times and improves productivity.

DISPERGLAS 4.19 Microspheres

Pistola microesferas

Special pistol

It has a gun designed for the passage of abrasive products, with the possibility of changing different product steps.
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Maximum productivity

20-liter steel product boiler with easy-to-open safety valve.
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Stainless steel

The boiler and cart are made of stainless steel, in addition the car has a support to be able to roll up the double hose.

Honda motor

Honda motor compressor 4.5hp gasoline, analog regulators and filter air purifier regulator incorporated.

Tecmapro: Road Marking, Signage and Road Safety

At Tecmapro we are experts in Road Signaling and we have a long experience of more than 15 years in the sector

The Tecmapro R & D Department designs and manufactures its own road signaling machinery and accessories, milling machines, microsepherical pressure sprayers, as well as auxiliary products for road safety and signage.

We design and manufacture road marking machinery and accessories tailored to our customers, spare parts for machinery, complements for the plot and specialized consumables.

Our international sales service offers service anywhere in the world, we give training courses as well as technical advice to professionals of the sector to improve their skills.

Years of experience
Machines delivered
International presence

100% effective retroflectance and anti-slip

100% positive and fit tests according to the current legislation in both reflectance and non-slip with instruments from approved laboratories for the study of the state and maintenance of the road, both in Spain and in other countries.



Projects arids and microspheres with a perfectly homogeneous distribution maximizing retroflexion and adhesion



It exerts a constant pressure during the process of spraying or emission of the product.



It favors a perfect anchorage in the surface of the aggregates and the glass spheres.



Minimize product losses to the maximum. Easy handling, convenient to use, optimized design in weight for transportation and handling.

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Do you want to know more about our technology or do you need a customized development?

Our R & D department designs and manufactures road marking machinery and accessories tailored to our customers, spare parts for machinery, accessories for the layout and specialized consumables.

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More than 15 years of experience in the road signaling sector, in the design and sale of machinery with Airless systems, road painting, horizontal and vertical signage, technical service and sale of accessories and consumables.


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